How does ordering work? 

Everything is handmade by me so I can only make and ship so many orders on a weekly basis. If an item is listed on the site it is available for purchase! However that does not mean it is ready-to-ship, refer to each listing for more details. If you would like to customize an item (within reason) or request custom sizing, just leave a note if you have questions while ordering. Instagram, Chat, or the Contact form are all efficient ways to ask any questions not answered here.


How do you make your garments?

All items are designed and handmade to order from scratch by me, Sydney, in my studio currently located in Brooklyn, NY. I use a variety of different textiles in my pieces based on whats available and what inspires me.


What makes everything so expensive?

Great question! Historically, people actually used to spend a much larger portion of their income on necessities including clothing, because clothing was more expensive to produce. This clothing was most likely produced domestically, and more slowly. Overtime, humans became even MORE efficient at making stuff and garment production became cheaper and eventually led to what we now know as fast fashion.

Fast fashion is defined as:
Inexpensive clothing produced rapidly by mass-market retailers in response to the latest trends.

This production method has led to over-consumption resulting in environmental problems from the immense chemical and water supply required to produce clothing; as well as Human Rights issues including dangerous working conditions & unfair wages.

My pricing directly reflects the necessary costs required to produce each piece as sustainably as possible. In fact, I am able to keep the pricing as low as it is currently because the pricing directly reflects the time, materials, and experience required to make it without all the crazy retail markups (this is not to say pricing wont change over time to reflect increased costs to scale the business). I want my garments to be available to as many people as possible. If payment is a concern, message me! I offer flexible payment options.


How many employees do you have? 

Just me! I run this brand on my own. This may change over time as the brand grows and scales, by starting to include contracted employees to assist with daily operations in a limited capacity. 


Is your brand ethical or sustainable? 

It is! As much as it can be anyways. I make everything myself so the cost of the garment directly reflects the time, effort, and materials required to fairly produce it. With that, I use a combination of old/vintage/deadstock/ otherwise abandoned & unused textiles in many of my pieces. When not using vintage or upcycled textiles, I also occasionally feature a handful of custom printed fabric. As this fabric is printed in small batches to order, I only order what I need. With the exception of occasional surprise drops, everything is made-to-order and measure (by just me) this means I hold absolutely no stock with the exception of dropped pieces (if they don't immediately sell) and only start sewing an item once it has been ordered and paid for. I do this reduce any unnecessary waste and reserve materials so a garment may be ordered in your preferred size and fit. All textiles are individually sourced by me from all over the world. All my pieces are made in limited quantities and many are one-of-a-kind, so you are getting a custom garment made sustainably and with love!


How long do orders take to be made and delivered?

This can depend both seasonally and on demand. Since everything is made by me, I only have the human capacity to produce so much at a time in addition to managing all social media, communication, and supply chain aspects of the business. To manage this, I may occasionally close the shop to limit orders temporarily, to avoid unnecessary turn-around times for you, and to also take time to develop new designs and collections. I make everything in chronological order (the order in which they are purchased) so if you find your order is taking awhile, it has not been forgotten! Working through them as fast as I can :) Usual waiting times are around 15 business days but during busy periods can be up to 6 weeks. You will be updated via email with tracking information once your item has been sewn, packaged, and sent to you. 


Do you ship worldwide? 

Yes. Please refer to the Shipping page <3 


Are returns possible?  

Please refer to the Returns page <3


How should I care for my Swayed Stature garments?

Due to the delicate and nature of my items (vintage textiles, beading, handsewn appliques, etc) I recommend all items to be hand washed using cool water, hand dried and steam ironed/pressed. Please do not bleach or tumble dry your pieces.


How do I order my correct size?

Please check my sizing page, its interactive in both units of measurement to quickly determine your best fit! I follow standard US women's sizing when grading my patterns. So if you usually wear a size medium, that will translate similarly in my garments. If the standard sizing guide doesn’t work for you, or you fall between sizes like me - no worries! I accommodate custom measurements at no added cost - just add them to the your order notes when checking out.


What if I'm not sure on sizing, or fall between sizes? 

For custom measurements please refer to my full size guide linked below for tips and tricks! Just measure yourself (or get help from a friend) and choose the ‘custom size’ option on the item you are interested in buying and leave your custom measurements in the notes section of the checkout. Please refer to my sizing guide for more information on this. 


Do you do plus size? 

Most definitely! I created my size chart to include (just about) all sizes. As every item is handmade to order by me – I am able to create for any shape or size, please refer to my sizing guide for more info.


Do you accept custom orders?

I do, but within reason. For example: "the straps on (X) corset, but in (insert color), combined with the neckline of (Y) corset, using (insert color) velvet fabric for the bodice." This is an example of what/how you can request! (if for whatever reason I can't accommodate this request (or it results in a price change) I will follow up with you after ordering to offer a similar alternative to match your vision.
Alternatively, chat with me using one of the provided methods before ordering, so we make sure you purchase what best reflects your custom order. (this will be best for super custom orders i.e. any custom graphics, extra embellishments etc) inspiration for more detailed custom designs can be found throughout the site - just be sure to reference what you're interested in <3 


Are custom orders more expensive?

Nope! Same with sizing, I charge what directly reflects the cost to make the piece itself, since all my pieces require so much individual attention, I choose to not factor in any sort of custom "upcharge". If you are interested in a custom corset but are not sure what pricing will look like, my corsets generally range anywhere from $150-400 depending on the design complexity and materials used. More likely than not, your corset will fall safely in the $200-250 range. For all other items, message me! :)


I love that you upcycle & rework old materials! If I have something I'd like made into a corset/bag/hat/etc, could you use that?

Most definitely! Love to do this and have done it before for several clients using vintage textiles they provided. For this process, your purchase will include the cost of the chosen item to be made, with the exterior material cost subtracted. After I receive your purchase, I will send you the shipping info to mail me your textiles. The buyer is responsible for safely shipping their materials to the address I provide. I am not responsible for your package in transit. For corsets, I have a listing created specifically to accommodate client-provided textiles. Message me to work out any extra details you may want to include if unsure prior to purchasing! I know the custom order process can be messy but I try to make it as hassle-free as possible!


Do you lend your pieces for photo shoots/ events/ stylist pulls? 

Yes! First off thank you so much for considering my work to feature in your event/ project. I will just require you to sign a Pull Letter Agreement from me. The only time I will say no is if I don't currently have any pieces available to pull and/or it isn't far enough in advance to create a piece especially for you to wear/use/feature. Send me a message! Will do my best to make it work.


Are you open to a collaboration with me/my brand?

Totally! Thank you so much for appreciating my work enough to collab.  Send me a message so we can plan it out and see if it would be a good fit for both of us. I will do my best to make it work. 

Thank you so much for supporting my brand, and thank you for supporting slow, sustainable fashion practices! 


For more specific inquiries please email one of the following: 

General information:
Order info, questions, or concerns: 


-xx Sydney from Swayed Stature