L A D Y  G A G A 
M i o   G u b e r i n i c   D e s i g n   N Y C



Could not be more excited to share about a project I helped bring to fruition through the eyes of NYC-based designer, Mio Guberinic.

I had the opportunity just before the start of the pandemic, to help Mio and the team create his vision for Gaga. So many hours filled with fabric swatching, laser-cutting, and beading resulted in this awesome work of art.

After sending it off to her stylists, we truly had no idea when or if it would even be used- until yesterday when Mio messaged me with the news!! So many people were involved not only in the dress construction, but the entire shoot (details in her post)! I am so thankful for the crazy opportunity to have helped create something for such an icon.


This look features a gorgeous combination of richly colored taffeta and organza, paired with numerous laser-cut pieces of leather which were then air-brushed by hand, and assembled. There were 6 people involved in the creation of this garment, but many more for the production as a whole.  🤍